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What’s up, guys. Today we are talking about the fat loss supplements, which you can add in your diet during fat loss goal. Guys, firstly you have to understand, that you have to take proper nutrition before adding supplements. You must know that what amount of calories you have to take at the time of your fat loss. At the time of fat loss, you have to take less calories. Secondly, your workout and the third one is taking proper rest. If you are taking proper diet and rest after the workout, then you can take the supplements. Supplements are on the fourth number don’t take it on first if you take it first, then you will not get results. 

Now let’s talk about fat loss supplements which you can take.


Whey Protein

Guys, you know that whey protein is one of the most important supplement. Which must be in your whole supplement stack. Now let’s talk about, What is isolate? And why we need to take only isolate based protein?

What is isolate? Guys isolate is non-fat, non-sugar, non-lactose, and non-carbohydrates based protein. You require to eliminate these 3 ingredients during fat loss. If you are bulking then it is ok but during conditioning and cutting either fat loss and weight loss you have to eliminate these 3 ingredients. So while fat loss, you need to take isolate based protein because it is low in calories. And also buy only authentic products.



Guys CLA is an omega ingredient that is present in milk. There are lots of ingredients that already present inside milk. So, why we need to take CLA? When we consume milk, we also consume fat and calories and which we need to eliminate during fat loss. For eliminating fat and calories we use the CLA supplement. You can take 1000g of CLA in a day and you can take it in your breakfast and also before bedtime.



Guys as you know carnitine help to convert fat into fuel. Now, what is Fat? Fat is stored energy. Now when can you add carnitine to your diet? You can add it in your pre-workout or the morning when your stomach is empty and also in post-workout. You can add it in 2 to 3 times a day, almost 500 to 1500mg per serving/ per day.

So, if you’re on fat loss goal or in cutting and your diet is perfect, you doing proper workout and taking proper rest. Then you add these 3 supplements. This will take you to the next level but if you’re taking only supplements and doesn’t taking proper diet so it will not help. So, firstly you need to make your diet perfect and then go on to supplements.

So, guys, these are some supplements that you can add during your fat loss goal. Thank you, guys. Take care guys and stay-fit stay-healthy.


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